About Us

We are an innovative energy consulting company based in Hamilton, Ontario. We are industry leaders in natural gas and electricity supply management; from RFP/RFQ management, regulatory reporting and consulting, e-certified green energy, and real-time transaction optimization and execution.

Our team delivers cost savings and budget optimizing strategies to fit your own business needs and does this seamlessly so not to affect your day to day core business. Because we are actively transacting daily in Ontario’s IESO power grid and NGX platforms for natural gas, our group has sophisticated systems to monitor and track market events and trends to proactively manage resources, client assets, and energy requirements with lightning speed.

Energy markets are coming full circle again with extreme price volatility, global instability, and energy exports that affect supply and demand. You need the industry’s leader in energy supply management to ensure your enterprise costs are proactively optimized.

Learn how we professionally manage both small and large sophisticated commercial/industrial portfolios. Call us at 289.260.6693 for our free consultation and review of your requirements. We promise you will be enlightened and empowered to work with us to revolutionize your energy management program.