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UtilityPro™ Invoice Audit    

Utility Invoice Auditing
With over $ 4,0000,00 recovered for clients since 2011, our UtilityPro system has delivered proven results.

With over 80 different Ontario local hydro utilities, each with different and outdated billing systems, it is no wonder there are significant hydro utility billing errors. Some billing systems require significant manual intervention while others are struggling to upgrade their systems without implementating billing errors.

Utility staffs do not have the resources or skills to stay abreast with all the governmental, rate, and regulation, changes. Many of these policies and rules must be incorporated into each hydro utility billing system. Unfortunately, the results show some utilities are not making the necessary changes.

Our UtiityPro system does all the work for you. We audit historical hydro utility bills up to 5 years. UtilityPro verifies and checks monthly usage and other key consumption data to ensure your bills are accurate. Our professionals communicate and negotiate the identified billing charges with your local utilities and we work to get your refund as quickly as possible.

Included as part of your audit:

  • A detailed Summary Report of Billing Errors
  • A 2015 Annual Hydro Budget
  • A Profile and Usage Enterprise Analysis
  • Price Quotes from our Bidstream platform
With shrinking budgets and fewer internal resources, business can turn to us as your expert auditors. Most importantly, you can only gain from our audit services. Unless we recover money for you, you don’t pay us a penny.

"Over the past 4 years, Buy Energy recovered over $ 180,000 from Hydro One for us. We never knew we had any billing issues. Now we have more money for our operations." -- Cuddy Farms  
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