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Supply Management
Supply Management    

Independent and Competitive
If you ask most energy professionals, the use of consultants and independent energy managers is the most cost-effective way to purchase natural gas and electricity. Buy Energy offers a leading procurement system and helps you design and implement a sound unbiased energy purchasing strategy.

Wholesale Markets
A major factor in achieving lower energy prices is accessing wholesale based suppliers. Buy Energy has access to the most comprehensive group of energy producers and wholesalers in the industry. Whether your requirements are in Western Canada, the U.S. or you have local operational requirements within Ontario and Quebec, we have a solution for you.

Our proprietary purchasing system allows clients to quickly access multiple suppliers and receive the lowest live competitive bids. We assure a competitive marketplace and bring a revolutionary system allowing buyers and sellers to transact for natural gas and electricity supply. Prices are live allowing clients to fairly measure price competitiveness.

Wide-Ranging Products
From terms of one day to five years, we have the broadest product mix available to users both large and small. Whether you want to join one of our purchasing group portfolios or you want a customized sophisticated solution, we have a product that fits your needs.

For natural gas, we provide seamless utility bill pricing, fixed term prices, or sophisticated indexes from Alberta or the U.S. We also provide transportation services and supply services.

For electricity you can purchase peak blocks seasonally or fixed term load-following products. You can decide an appropriate hedge percentage that suits your individual needs.

Our professionals will take the time to match the most suitable product based on your unique needs.
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