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Supply Management
Long Term Care    

  • 3 buildings
  • 140,00 m3 annually
  • Natural Gas Supply
A 3 building long-term care provider was intrigued by our unique access to industry leading suppliers. While they are a much smaller customer, we assured them we can still offer access to the same supplier network and pricing strategies that our larger clients access.

Theclient was supplied by a different retailer for the past four years but thought a more in-depth investigation was necessary.

Using our BidStream platform, they saved over 5 cents/m3 approximately ($ 1.35 Cad/GJ) vs. their current supplier. While their gas consumption was only 140,000 m3 a year they still were able to get bids on par with users 10 times larger.

In fact, the client had several suppliers to choose from that were much more competitive than their old supplier.

We also recommended a UtilityPro audit. With so many clients recovering overcharged funds, we believed this client would be a good candidate even though their utility provider is Hydro One.

After a throrough UtilityPro hydro bill review, we recovered over $45,000 in just two years. The utility agreed with our detailed audit report and credited back the money to our client within 60 days.

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