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For over 20 years, Buy Energy professionals have been providing comprehensive and cost effective energy management services. Our services include natural gas and electricity supply procurement, data management, utility invoice auditing and consulting.

Based in Hamilton, we have been serving Eastern Canadian companies and more notably, Ontario markets for over two decades. We have intimate knowledge of Canadian natural gas and hydro utilities, regulations, rates, and just as importantly an expansive knowledge of the North American supply and pipeline infrastructure.

Clients can access our proprietary service platforms such as UtilityPro, our utility invoice auditing service program and Bidstream, our live multi-bid pricing platform. We have leading data management services. With GasPro and PowerPro we ensure a complete wellhead to burner tip management solution for your company.

Whether you are large multi-national or small regional company, we have a solution that fits your needs. With a diverse portfolio of clients, Buy Energy Canada has the skills to manage a very active client. Not only do we have the typical one to five-year fixed price products, but we also manage portfolios requiring daily and monthly products, transportations, and storage solutions.

Our professionals have diverse skills and experience ranging from employment at various utilities, pipelines and supply companies, to owners and executives of energy marketing companies. Buy Energy is well positioned to navigate you through the ever-changing energy industry.

We use a hands on client service approach. We focus on the client first. Treating the client as we want to be treated. Each client has a dedicated professional managing their account. Clients always have a person to talk to and a full service team to support you.

We have a comfortable approach. Please feel free to discuss any energy matters with our professionals.

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